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Social Studies

cartoon house on a yellow circleBES Links Home

  World Geo. Games

US Map

colorful united states map

 2  Seterra

50 States Quiz

united states map

 3  Ben’s Guide


ben franklin cartoon

 4  Mission US


cartoon image of settlers


icivics logo

 6  Latitude & Longitude

latitude and longitude




 7  Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego? Game

 8  Presidents Facts Games

penguin with a game

  White Socks Only

girl in white dress

 10  Our Friend, Martin

martin luther king with cartoon boys


 11  BrainPop – MLK, Jr.

cartoon martin luther king

 12  MLK Day Word Search

mlk word search logo




  13   The Oregon Trail

oregon trail logo





  14  Beijing 2022

words beijing 2022 with an image of medals





 15  BrainPop – 9/11

september 11





 16  World Geography Games

orange background with a blue map of the continents of the world



 17  Sheppard Software Geography

clip art of blue globe with the map of Africa showing

 18  World Atlas

colorful map of the world by continent