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Dress Code


Standard dress for Hardeman County Schools will be as follows:

Shirts – Only golf-type shirts (no zippers) and button-front shirts will be permitted.  Only the top 2 buttons may be unbuttoned.

  • (1)  Must have a collar.
  • (2)  Must be a solid white, black, or the designated school color (Kelly green).
  • (3)  Must be the appropriate size.
  • (4)  May be long or short sleeves.
  • (5)  Must not have any writing or pictures.
  • (6)  Must be tucked in and remain tucked in at all times.
  • (7)  Logos shall be no larger than an inch on the left side of the shirt.
  • (8)  Only white tee shirts may be worn underneath the approved golf or button-front shirt.
  • (9)  Short sleeve tee shirts may be worn with the approved short sleeve shirts.

Sweatshirts/Sweaters must be solid white, black, or the designated school color.  Solid color sweaters with v-necks, crew necks, cardigans or vests in the approved colors may be worn, but must be worn over the approved shirts.  No brand names or wordings are allowed.

  • (1)  There are to be no logos on the sweater or sweatshirt other than the official school mascot logo.
  • (2)  Sweaters, sweatshirts, and vests should hang at the waist/belt line.
  • (3)  Hooded sweatshirts/sweaters of any will not be worn in the classroom.
  • (4)  Sweaters or sweatshirts are not to be tied over the shoulders or around the waist.
  • (5)  Mock turtlenecks or turtlenecks in approved colors may be worn under the approved shirt.  They must be solid color and either white or the approved school color, and they cannot be worn alone.  Short sleeve turtlenecks may be worn under the approved short sleeve shirts.

Pants – Color choices for pants are khaki colored, navy blue, and black (hemmed or cuffed) of a cotton or blend will be permitted.

  • (1)  Pants must be worn and fitted at the waist line.
  • (2)  Capri style pants may be worn by female students.  Capris are defined as trousers which end at the mid-calf area or just below the calf.
  • (3)  Low slung, baggy seat, baggy legged, or bell-bottom pants are not permitted.
  • (4)  Students in all grades K-12 may wear knee-length shorts of a cotton twill blend in khaki, navy, or black.
  • (5)  No jeans are allowed, except on special days designated by the principal.
  • (6)  No rivets on pants.
  • (7)  Cargo pants, carpenter pants, or overalls are not permitted.
  • (8)  Pant legs cannot be rolled up exposing the leg.
  • (9)  There are to be no holes, rips, or tears.

     Belts must be worn through the belt loops and buckled.  The belt buckle must be a plain buckle and shall not exceed 1 ½  inches in width.  The belt must be brown or black, and not have any writing or  logos.  Uniform pants which have a completely elasticized waist with no belt loops do not require that a belt be worn. The school administration will have the final discretion on the belt color.

     Skirts/Dresses – All skirts must be solid khaki, black, or navy colored, and be a twill cotton or blend.

  • (1)  Skirts must go to the knee.
  • (2)  There must be no slits in skirts above the knee.
  • (3)  All dresses that are worn must be solid khaki or navy colored and go to the knee.


  • (1) Shoes are to be worn at all times.
  • (2) Dress/casual shoes, sandals, or athletic shoes are to be worn and must be properly fastened.
  • (3) Flip flops and skele-toe shoes are not to be worn.
  • (4) Boots are permitted with the pants leg worn on the outside of the boot.
  • (5) Shoes with heels taller than 1 ½ inches are not permitted.


  • (1)  Students may wear any color heavy coat to school, but it must be stored in a locker or designated location when the student gets to school.  Heavy coats may not be worn in the classroom.  Sweaters, jackets, or pullover windbreakers, without hoods may be worn with the standard dress policy clothing in the classroom in white or the approved school color (Kelly green).
  • (2)  Large, oversized coats and jackets or trench coats are not permitted within the school building.
  • (3)  Coats and jackets must not have drug, alcohol, gang related, gambling, or other such messages or pictures.


  • (1)  No caps or hats are to be worn in the school building.
  • (2)  No sweatbands are to be worn in the school building.
  • (3)  Headwear may be worn on school buses but must be removed and stored upon arrival at school.
  • (4)  Girls may wear head bands such as those worn to hold hair in place while in the school building.

Expectations and Consequences:

Students are expected to adhere to the standard dress policy at all times during the regular school day.  If a student arrives at school and is not in compliance with the standard dress policy, he/she will not be allowed to attend classes.  The student will be detained and a parent will be called to bring appropriate clothing for the first violation.  The second violation will result in a one-day in-school suspension; and subsequent violations will result in a conference with parents for further disciplinary consequences. 


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