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Bus Route Changes

Posted Date: 07/08/2019

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Below are changes in bus routes for the Toone and Bolivar zones that may impact students in your schools. 

  • Buses #1 and #5 are being eliminated.
  • Bus #31 will pick up current route plus students zoned for Toone on Pine Top, Harris and Isaac Jordan Roads
  • Bus #9 will cease to pick up on McNeal Street, which runs in front of the Columns.  Bus #9 will pick up Hwy 125 North, Fitts-Ross Rd, Ebenezer Rd, Hwy 100 toward Bolivar from Pine Top Rd, Naylor Rd and Cloverport Rd, which are zoned for Bolivar.  Bus #9 will continue to pick up students on Main Street, entering Bolivar on Hwy 18 North.  This includes most of Bus #1’s old route.
  • Bus #58 will cease to pick up on Elmview Street.  Bus #58 will pick up the rest of its current route, adding McNeal Street, Madison Street, Butler Street, West Jackson Street and the area around Bolivar Municipal Center, North Washington Street and the area around the Bolivar Library.  These areas include parts of Bus #1’s and Bus #9’s route in Bolivar.
  • Bus #60 – Current Route and add Elmview Street, which is off of Sain Rd.
  • Bus #6 will keep current route and will add Walton Road and Vildo Road, between Old Hwy 64 and New Hwy 64.  Bus #6 will not pick up students north of New Hwy 64.  These are students that were a part of bus #5’s and bus #13’s old routes.
  • Bus #13 will no longer pick up on Vildo road between Old Hwy 64 and New Hwy 64, the area beside/behind the Hardeman County Fairgrounds and will no longer pick up on Jackson Street or Lee Street.  Bus #13 will pick up all of Vildo Road, north of New Hwy 64, and Walton Road, North of Hwy 64.  This is part of Bus #5’s old route.  In addition, Bus #13 will pick up on Pleasant Creek Lane, which is across from Joe’s Restaurant.
  • Bus #11 will continue its current route and add Jackson St. and Lee St.
  • Bus #25 will cease to pick up students behind Jervis, Young Road and Roger Avenue.  Bus #25 will pick up all students in the Country Club Area, including Hines Blvd, Stevens Road, Lucy Black Rd, Nuckolls Rd,  Janet Rd, Blue Bonnet Ln, Karen Drive and El Capitan.  This includes parts of Bus #5’s old route
  • Bus #56 will pick up all students for BCHS, BES & BMS on Tate Rd, Young Rd and Roger Avenue, including all the area behind Jervis.

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